The Maestro-50M

The Maestro-50M – A true digital amplifier, enjoy music again and have fun

  • Low profile chassis – 42mm tall
  • Operates on wide range 12V DC or 24V DC input
  • 50W of True Digital Amplification
  • Two digital inputs
  • Sub-woofer out
  • Very accurate digital reproduction
  • Very power efficient (>94%)
  • Cut from a solid aluminium billet, to exacting standards
  • Neat push in / pop out volume control

Available March 2013

The ‘Maestro-50M’
Designed to deliver outstanding performance when any digital source is connected.  Designed for use in mobile / marine applications, where only 12VDC or 24VDC is available. 
The rugged Maestro-50M brings your music to life, have fun again


  Dimensions   177 (w) x 117 (d) x 42(h) mm.         Output Power  
  Material   6082 Aluminium.     8 ohm, 0dBFS         20W
  Colour   Brushed satin black.     4 ohm, 0dBFS     50W 
  Bit Resolution   24/96 on both digital inputs.     Distortion (THD+N)    
  Power Input   12V or 24V DC versions     8 ohm, 1W    < 0.4%
  Idle Power   < 1W     8 ohm, 10W    < 0.6%
  Acoustics   0dBA @ 1M     8 ohm, 20W    < 0.8%
  Remote Control   No     4 ohm, 1W    < 0.5%
  Nett Weight   3.3Kg     4 ohm, 10W    < 0.10%
  Options   No     4 ohm, 20W    < 0.25%


  - Universal (110-240VAC 50-60Hz) mains power input (IEC connector)
  - S/PDIF TOSLINK input
  - S/PDIF COAX input
  - Subwoofer output (line level) - Phono/RCA
  - L & R speaker outputs (50W per channel into typical 4 ohm speakers) - via 4mm banana sockets
    (screw terminal banana plugs included)  


  - Patented 2.1 digital amplifier with accurate and powerful sound processing (50W per channel).
  - Automatic power on from sleep mode .
  - ProAudio 'pop out, push in' volume control.
  - Small, low profile understated enclosure with a brushed black finish.

  Included - Maestro-50M True Digital Amplifier - Power Cord - 2x Red and 2x black screw on 4mm speaker plugs - User guide.