Model Variants

  • RIP-N-PLAY (1TB) – 1TB HDD (2,000 - 3,000 CDs in FLAC or 10,000 CDs in MP3 – based on 320Kbps MP3s)
  • RIP-N-PLAY (2TB) – 1TB HDD (4,000 - 6,000 CDs in FLAC or 20,000 CDs in MP3 – based on 320Kbps MP3s)


AVA Media’s RIP-N-PLAY Music Server comes with many exciting features. The RIP-N-PLAY’s primary responsibility in the home is to extract the audio content from a CD, offering you the ability to effortlessly listen to your music collection anywhere throughout your home. As well as network streaming to a wide range of UPnP and DLNA devices, you can also locally playback the stored music from your RIP-N-PLAY, to do this simply use the integrated player and locally connect a device which supports an audio digital input like a DAC or digital amplifier. The RIP-N-PLAY also comes equipped with Squeezebox Server which means the RIP-N-PLAY is compatible with the wide range of Logitech Squeezebox products available on the market.

In addition, the RIP-N-PLAY has an application called Subsonic. Subsonic is an indexing application which allows playback and management of audio content stored on your RIP-N-PLAY. This means that Subsonic gives you access to the music stored on your RIP-N-PLAY, anywhere in the world. As long as you can get an internet connection, access to the iOS/Android app or access to a browser, then you can listen to your music limitlessly.

The playback components of the RIP-N-PLAY can support up to 3x simultaneous streams, two via USB (e.g – USB DACs) and one via digital COAX (e.g – a Maestro-50). These streams can be controlled by any UPnP control point. Thus meaning you can now enjoy your new music library wherever you want to hear it – throughout your digital home (via the player’s streams) or even on the move (via the Subsonic application).

The RIP-N-PLAY is simple to set up and can communicate with an abundance of recognised music systems on the market, offering an opportunity to utilise existing products owned or alternatively the opportunity to explore a world of exciting new DNLA and UPnP devices, which could be added to your home. Such devices range from the Apple iOS devices (iTunes) to the likes of SONOS, all which are well supported by the RIP-N-PLAY’s ability to extract to FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless) and MP3.

All these features can be found inside the RIP-N-PLAY’s precision-engineered aluminium casing, which is almost silent in operation and extremely ‘green’ resulting in very low power consumption.

Designed, built and fully supported in Britain by a company with 30 years of mechanical design expertise and world leading engineering credentials, the AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY is a media server like no other.

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How it Works

Extracting audio from your CDs has never been so easy. Now with the RIP-N-PLAY its quick, simply and enjoyable to create digital copies of your CD collection. The AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY takes seconds to set up: just plug in the power and network cables, wait for the green light and start extracting your audio.

Insert a music CD into the RIP-N-PLAY slot loader and all the track information, plus album art, is automatically retrieved from our premium metadata partner.

Search the RIP-N-PLAY library via a selection of playback services to find the track/s you have copied and commence in streaming your new music at will, either via; one of the three local playback options, over the network to a DLNA / UPnP device or even using the Subsonic application.

Extract, store and playback in high-quality FLAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless) format, with the option to compress to MP3 where required.

Key Features

  • Fast, accurate CD extraction– to start, just insert a disc
  • Simple to use – plug in two cables and it’s ready to go
  • UPnP Player - Supports up to 3x simulations streams – 2x USB, 1x Digital COAX
  • Squeezebox Server
  • Explore and play your music library via smartphone/tablet apps or any web browser – wherever you are in the home or world
  • Album information and cover art automatically added
  • Control, manage and optimise via a web browser
  • Supports native CD features – including gapless playback
  • Quick and simple to back-up your stored music collection to a USB drive
  • Near-silent operation
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Open architecture: works with everything from iTunes to SONOS, DNLA devices to Roku and Samba
  • Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Neat design: 54x332x185mm (HxWxD)
  • Designed, built and supported in UK by expert engineers


Playback via the RIP-N-PLAY is simple yet lavish. The local player can support up to 3x simultaneous streams, two via USB (e.g – USB DACs) and one via digital COAX (e.g – a Maestro-50). These streams can be controlled via any UPnP controller point (iOS/Android apps) as well as the RIP-N-PLAYs own user interface (utilizing SqueezeBox Server).


In addition to being able to control the local ‘player’, SqueezeBox Server allows a wide range of compatible Logitech SqueezeBox devices to be visible and compatible with the RIP-N-PLAY. Similarly, the RIP-N-PLAY will be visible to any networked UPnP or DLNA audio rendering device, allowing these devices to retrieve and playback your music collection throughout your network, you will find there are many of these devices from Roku to Sonos.


In summary you can enjoy your new music library wherever you want to hear it; throughout your digital home (via the player’s 3 local streams), via UPnP network renders or even on the move (via the Subsonic application). This opens a door to a world of new devices, including the logical choice of the breathtaking Maestro-50 True Digital Amplifier, offering crystal clear clarity when playing back your favourite tracks.


The ‘players’ ability to stream a different album/track to up to three different ‘zones’ as well as the products ability to stream over the network and via the internet means your family will never disagree on which artist to listen to again! You can sit in one room, your partner in another and listen to your own music at your own leisure. Once the disc has had the audio content extracted or music from another source is indexed, the resulting digital copy of your music is made available to your family at the click of a button.

Connecting to the Server

The RIP-N-PLAY uses an open architecture that means your music is easily accessible to a vast range of playback and streaming systems. From the world of Apple iTunes and DNLA devices to Roku, Samba and SONOS systems, it works seamlessly with them all.

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Please note - the archiving of discs may not be legal in your region, and the decision to use the RIP-N-PLAY, Zara Premium, Zara SCRIBE or Zaram to archive audio and video files is the responsibility of the user.  Please refer to Format Shifting for further information.